Steve Spangler Hosts Workshop for Teachers

Steve Spangler hosts workshop for teachers

When our science guy, Steve Spangler, isn’t here at 9News making something fizz or explode, his passion is to teach teachers how to make science come alive in their classrooms. All this week Steve is hosting 120 teachers from around the world at his annual event called Science in the Rockies.

With Steve serving as the pied piper, teachers participate in over 150 hands-on science activities – everything from building mini smoke ring launchers to mixing up the perfect batch of slime or dissecting baby diapers to uncover the superabsorbent polymer.

Steve says that what makes this experience different for him is teaching teachers how to use these eye-catching activities to ultimately create unforgettable learning experiences that students can’t wait to share with their family at the dinner table.

We’ve often heard Steve say… “If it gets to the dinner table, you win” and that’s exactly what these teachers are learning how to do.

There’s also a big focus on integrating these ideas with the recently released Next Generation Science Standards. The goal is to prepare a new generation of scientists and critical thinkers for a workforce that will be dependent on creativity and innovation.

And what Spangler experience would be complete without a small potato gun war to get the adrenaline pumping and the teachers excited about learning.

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