Western Welcome Week Parade – Shooting Smoke Rings

Our science guy Steve Spangler has finally dried off after riding on a wet and explosive parade float at this year’s Western Welcome Week celebration in Littleton on Saturday. He’s in the backyard with one of the crowd favorites… his giant smoke ring launcher.

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Steve at Science in the Rockies Teacher Training

Science in the Rockies – Teacher Training Workshop

Our science guy, Steve Spangler, is hosting 170 elementary, middle and high school teachers from across the country at a special hands-on science workshop called Science in the Rockies. During the three day event, teachers learn how to boost critical thinking skills and make students want to learn more about science using more than 75 of Steve’s favorite hands-on activities.


Steve joins us outside the Sheraton Denver West Conference Center with a group of eager teachers who want to share a

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Steve and Kim doing Leak Proof Bag experiment

No Leak Bags

Who would have ever thought that a plastic bag, some water and a few pencils would be the hit at your next outdoor party?

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